Coffee Tables

would totally transform your living area without any huge investment. A sheesham wood coffee table is an elementary piece that helps you to organize your little accessory. The solid wood center table online available at Wooden Street and find the kind of a tea table you always wanted for your area.

various shapes, sizes and colors would totally transform your living area without any huge investment. A sheesham wood coffee table is an elementary piece that helps you to organize your little accessory. The solid wood center table online available at Wooden Street and find the kind of a tea table you always wanted for your area.

Coffee Tables

The flawless wooden center table or coffee tables which are of various shapes, sizes and colors would totally transform your living area without any huge investment. A sheesham wood coffee table is an elementary piece that helps you to organize your little accessory. The solid wood center table online available at Wooden Street and find the kind of a tea table you always wanted for your area.

Spruce up your living room with Coffee Tables Online

Center Table is a perfect option to amplify the look of your drawing room. When all you need is a place where you can be at peace with a cup of coffee, you definitely ought to have a beautiful Coffee and Center table at your home. It is the focal attraction of your living room that guests or visitors notice first. Thus, the best way to add that stylish silhouette and keeping all those cups, books and souvenirs in an orderly manner is by bringing a classy Tea Table or Coffee Table.

Here, at The Living Space, you will find classic as well as modern center table designs & beautifully crafted of premium quality online, which will undoubtedly grab many eyeballs. Choose center table & coffee table from an incredible collection of a modern, eclectic, and colonial pattern from our selection at the best rates.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Coffee Tables Online

There are numerous designs of coffee tables and center tables available online but it is always suggested to look before some factors while adding anyone to your shopping cart. Here we go:-

1. Shape: Choose the perfect coffee table as per Your Space. As you design the plan for your living room, think about the best shape center table or coffee table accordingly. Do you have children’s or pets? Is it a large room, a small or a narrow one? These are some things that determine the shape of the table. An oval or round shape is ideal if you have kids or pets. A rounded one gives a little more space to walk around, as Coffee Table will curve away from the television cabinet. Using a rectangular shape coffee table and allowing around 20 inches between the table and other furniture will give you the right amount of space to walkChange .

2. Size: After finalizing the shape, you will also need to decide the size of the tea table and coffee tables. The table should be no lower than 2-3 inches from the seat of your couch. The standard height for a coffee table or center table is 15-20 inches and pairs well with a standard sized couch.

3. Functionality: The quality to serve the Purpose. Another important aspect to know is what will be the primary use of your Center table or coffee table. Should it provide storage or be more decorative? How much storage space will be enough? These come with shelves or drawers to hold everything from your little knick-knacks to that stash of magazines you read on Sundays.

4. Material: An Important Concern Speaking of materials, wood has its classic charm. Wooden coffee tables are the most durable of all. And, if you’re going for the wooden center table, always choose solid wood such as Indian rosewood or Mango, because these are quite strong and stiff. At Wooden Street, you will come across a variety of wooden center tables & Tea Tables available in different finishes, such as honey and walnut, which are sure to match every decor style.

5. Budget:The most important question you must ask yourself before shopping for coffee tables is that What is your budget? After deciding the range, make a filter of the price and select as per your taste.

Check Out the materials of Coffee Tables available at The Living Space

Wood Center Table symbolizes the beauty of interiors in classy, royalty and luxurious style. To adorn such art in your living room, The Living Space has remarkably crafted the products in Solid wood material such as Sheesham Wood, Mango Wood and also in Engineered wood. Then, it is finely overlaid with attractive finish options to complement the style of interiors.

1. Sheesham Wood Coffee Table Designs

Sheesham wood is a versatile material and Change rich in a look that lasts for long generations. It gives solid strength, an alluring look and popular in the furniture world. We have Lynet Coffee Table, Vesta Coffee Table, Petlin Coffee Table that are made up of high-quality Sheesham wood and available in various finish options viz includes Honey, Walnut and mixed with Honey and Mahogany.

2. Mango Wood Coffee Table Designs

Mango wood is the most durable material and creates a charming look to the interiors through its grain structure. And the best part is that it comes in an affordable range of prices to fit in any budget. We have Zibar Loft Coffee Table and Poker Round Loft Coffee Table in Honey, Walnut and Natural finishes.

3. Engineered Wood Coffee Table Designs

These woods are highly resilient to everyday wear and tear. Also, it is much more cost-effective as compared to solid wood but no compromise in the quality. They are extremely durable and worthy of investing in furniture pieces made up of Engineered wood. We have Escobar Coffee Table, Kingston Coffee Table with Frosty White Top, Arno Coffee Table and many other in beautiful Exotic Teak and Flowery Wenge finish option.

4. Metal Coffee Table Designs

Metal material is popular because of its excellent durability and tensile strength. We have enormous options in this, where the design of the coffee table is made out of metal with either wood or marble or different material at the top. However, this beautiful combination illustrates the rustic charm and aesthetically pleasing aura in the ambience, whatever may be the theme of your interiors. Let us consider Sino Coffee Table and Hoop Coffee Table to be the best-selling products from our collection.

5. Marble Top Coffee Table Designs

The marble material exuberates the luxuriousness and elegant beauty in your living room. The Living Space has ample options in terms of size, shapes and finesse finish to complement the style of every interior. We have Discus and Amoha Coffee Table in which the design comprises of marble at the top and the legs are either of metal or wood with different finish options.

What are the Benefits of Buying Center Table online from The Living Space

Along with the plethora of options in coffee and center tables, we offer some of the other benefits which include:

1. Customisation- The Biggest Benefit: Customer understanding is our reality and to experience this reality, we offer the facility to customize the coffee tables online as per customer’s choices and preferences to give their living space a more elegant and stylish look. One can directly browse the custom made furniture page and enjoy the services!

2. Discounts & Cashback: We also offer occasional discounts and cash backs to our customers so that they do not get jittery in doing online shopping for any furniture for their home

3. Customer Support: With an EMI option and easy return policy, Wooden Street also provides 24*7 hassle-free support and a secure payment facility.

Recently Customer’s Questions & Answers

Do you have coffee table with glass top?
Yes, we have coffee table with glass top, Some of the best examples of this category are Arno coffee table, Elena center table, etc.

Does The Living Space ship anywhere in India?
Yes, The Living Space ship across India at different locations such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Goa, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, Secunderabad, Surat, Udaipur, Thane, Vadodara, Mysore & many more.

How much weight should a coffee table hold?
On an average, a coffee table can hold approx 40-50 kgs of weight.

What are materials used to make a coffee table?
The materials used to make a coffee table are Sheesham wood, Mango wood, Metal, Coconut wood Inlay, Marble and Premium engineered wood.

Will the legs of coffee table damage my floor?
No, our coffee table including the legs part is made out of premium-quality material, so you will not get any complaint of floor damage.

Q. Why you don’t offer teak wood queen size beds online, all I can see is mango and sheesham?
A. The reason we prefer sheesham wood made queen size beds more is that it is equally durable as teak wood and is also 3 times cost-effective when compared to it.

Q. I would like to opt for my queen size bed with storage box in MDF, could you make it?
A. Yes, you can opt for a queen size bed with storage box in MDF. The available option at our website is Carmen Bed With Storage (Queen Size, Exotic Teak Finish).

Q. What is the standard size of queen size bed?
A. Standard measure of queen size bed is 81 L x 60 W x 36 H. That is relatively small then King size beds. If your height is less then or up to 5’8″ then you can consider a wooden queen size bed.

Q. Is a queen size bed enough for a couple?
A. Truly, A queen size bed is enough for couple to have a good quality sleep and quality time. Because it is bigger then a full size double bed so if you move around, it won’t disturb your partner’s sleep

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